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Fulton County Solicitor General Keith E. Gammage & District 10

Invite You to Register for a Record Restriction Summit

A FREE One-Day Process to help clear misdemeanor arrests from your criminal record

January  25th, 2019


C.T Martin Recreation Center 3201 M.L. King Jr. Drive, SW Atlanta, Georgia 30311

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To apply for a Fulton County misdemeanor record restriction, you may attend the ExpungementBowl in person on January 25th or you may contact our Expungement Hotline at (404) 612-4803 year round.   Thank you for your interest in a new beginning for better opportunities.  We look forward to serving you soon!


Pre-Registration Required.

To Register for Misdemeanor Expungement visit:


Registration Has Ended

In Partnership with Fulton County Government &

Andrea Boone, Councilwoman, District 10


You may be Eligible for Expungement if:

Arrested in a Fulton County Jurisdiction Certain Misdemeanors under the age of 21/Youthful Offender
Must Not Be Convicted/Found Guilty at Trial Completed Pre-Trial Intervention/Diversion Program
Did NOT plead Guilty/Nolo Contendere Completed "First Offender" cases sealed & Retroactive "First Offender" screening available

Special Thanks to Our Justice Partners!